Dance Studio Policies

  1. STUDENTS should not miss class unless there is a good reason.
  2. Attendance is extremely important all year and especially from April through June. This is the time to perfect the dance numbers.
  3. If a student has missed 3 classes in a row without the studio being informed, their name will be taken off the class roster. Please inform us when your child(ren) will be absent for a period of time and their place will be saved.
  4. Always check the bulletin board for new information.
  5. Information will be handed out to the students throughout the year, so be sure to ask if something was given to them.
  6. We need your email address as this is the way the Studio communicates with dance parents. Your name and email address will not be given out to anyone. This is solely for the purpose of receiving notices handed out to the students that you may not have received. This way you will be up-to-date on all information.
  7. A professional DVD of our dance revue is provided for you at a minimum cost. This is done through a professional video company and is excellent quality. There are NO video tape recorders allowed in the audience.
  8. The above information is also for flash cameras. It is very dangerous for someone in the audience to take a flash photo of a dancer during their performance. The flash may catch the dancer in the eye and cause the dancer to fall. I'm sure none of us want a dancer to get hurt on stage.
  9. Any outstanding money owed to the dance studio must be paid by June 10th or your child will not be permitted in the dance revue.

We're looking forward to a fun and rewarding year. But don't kid yourself; it takes work and practice to become a good dancer. Students should come to class prepared to work and have a good attitude. Please be sure hair is pulled away from student's face and they have proper attire and shoes.

No child wishes to be inferior to the rest of the group and all children learn at a different pace, if you wish to discuss your child's progress, please -- not during class time or in front of your child, another parent or student. Please ask for a private interview. You will receive my attention, respect and gratitude.

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